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hello all~! the wait is finally over, looks like i will be able to work on the subs for this last installment of the series!
I have everything needed to begin translation of the movie ^-^ I will begin soon and keep an updated post on my progress.

My Process:
Watch it once (done)
Translation 26 min. out of 1 hour 59 min.
Double Check

Thanks for waiting and please be patient - i will work on things when i can - some stuff has been coming up lately and i can't work on subbing - thanks for waiting

If someone else is interested in subbing send me a message and we can talk about stuff

Once again - thank you all for being patient and wanting my subs C:

Movie file located here

Ningyo no Ouji-sama - Mermaid Prince!


My Summery
A 30 year old man named Koganei, Manato is down on his luck. He can't seem to get a job, has little money, is still a virgin and is giving up on his dream. Sitting alone on a swan boat in a pond next to a shrine, he holds a lottery ticket thinking this is the only way his dream may come true. But the wind blows it away and he falls into the pond, thereupon seeing a beautiful mermaid!

Manato ends up going back to the pond and after the mermaid decided not to kill him since he gave her food, she tells him about her dream to become human and how she wants to find love (she collects coins and throws them to a shrine in order for her wish to come true). Manato decides he doesn't want to get involved anymore because he has his own worries, but after another bad day he goes back to the pond. She finds him again and after listening to his complaints, she decides to give him all her saved up coins in order for his wish to come true. She suddenly turns into bubbles and disappears.

Confused and upset, Manato hears a strange voice and a god from the shrine comes to say that she will take the coins and grant him a wish. He decides to use his wish to bring back the mermaid as a human. His wish comes true and he sees the mermaid back as a human, but she's a guy! What will happen in this crazy love comedy!?

i just found this amazing new series and i ordered volume one already - but the Japanese ch1 can be found here at the publishers page

turns out chapters 1-2 in Japanese are at comicpixiv so i guess that means i can translate ch2 now as well - if it keeps coming available for me to get the files easily then i will translate it but if they don't post it anymore then we will have to wait and see if i can do more or not

****UPDATE as of September 2014*****
no one informed me that another translation team was working on it - they already did ch1-2 (the work is good quality) so i guess i wont be needed to do these - but i wish i knew they did em - i know i'v been so busy with things and i'm just one person working on stuff but i still would have liked to be informed ^^ sorry for those looking forward to my stuff but its already out there:

i decided to translate this into English :3 so look forward to it~!
baka-manga updates link:
my DeviantArt page link:

DO NOT POST MY WORK ANYWHERE OR EDIT MY WORK - get it from here only or else i will take it down! However, if you'd like to use my English to translate into another language then that's fine as long as you give me credit. Thank you and enjoy~!

Ch1: 10 out of 45 pages done (first page is this one below and its the same as ch1-1)
i decided to make this available for download with a password - i will post once when done
I'm working right now on the Special for Akumu-chan drama series - this and a movie is what is left out there to sub - the movie file isn't available yet but i most likely will sub that as well considering i subbed the series and im working on the SP

this is a 1.5 hour special that continues from where the series left off (the kids have grown so its a bit weird but a good SP)
plus, at the leaves with a slight cliff hanger and says they will continue it in the movie that will be aired in Japan theaters on May 3rd

Progress: Both translations are finished

D-Addicts JP/CHN hardsub torrent file
JDramaCity's RAW torrent file
D-Addicts Akamu-chan SP split files - use HJSplit to join them again - 4 files in total!WUwQgTTS!mu7f3A65_pidtjj3JRiiow

Subtitles for both can be found here:

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here is an image of v.1-3 of the manga Dokusai Grimiore - the manga ending in Japan and has been licensed and translated into a few languages but the English versions so far only have v.1 out

i finished making summaries for volume 1 and will continue with v.2 - there are only 3 volumes total

you can find my summaries and more info about this series on my DeviantArt here -

My Youtube Channel~!


OMG after messing around with google+ and youtube stuff -- i finally was able to make my name read the name i wanted - which is LuffyNoTomo of course~!

here is My Youtube

i may start making videos about the things i have on Unknown Yet Wonderful - which is my DeviantArt group name =3

here is my room tour for 2014

If you enjoy or like my subs, it would be most appreciated if you subscribed for support but dont feel obligated. Thank you!

thanks for reading~!

Ando Lloyd A.I. Knows Love? J-drama subs

All of my completed series that are located on D-Addicts are:
Ranma 1/2 live action, Risou no Musuko, Akumu-chan, Akumu-chan SP and Monsters

AndoLlyod pix

An intelligent, yet clumsy man named Reiji was murdered due to his work on a specific project. However, since his bride to be Asahi was next on the list, he made a contract with an android who was created to look exactly like Reiji and this A.I.'s mission was to protect Asahi and terminate anyone who stands in his way. She may not like him, but she's warming up to this A.I. who looks like Reiji. And maybe this A.I. will find love?

DUE TO OTHER ISSUES - I decided not to work on the rest of ep. 1 but there are fansubs for this series made by a different translator - i just finished doing subs for Akumu-chan SP and i think i will work on Tokubou
Thanks for waiting on this one for those who are interested in another story dealing with fairy tales~! this is Diorama Toy Box an online manga at Zero-Sums by Mizuhara Kenta, everything belongs to them - I'm just working on the editing for the English subs I make for this series - it has a little more art work edits than M nano? but I think it's a good series so far...let me know what you think after reading part 1 - if you like it then i can work on more!

Read it raw here at Zero-Sum Online
here is my DeviantArt info sheet with spoilers DTB Spoiler Sheet
Baka-Updates info

Kazui is to be the heir of an assassination group called "Kill Mail" in the fairly tale realm. They carry out the villains or clients dirty work. Even though his father (the boss) keeps giving him assassin missions, Kazui hates being an assassin and just wants to live out a normal life.
Since he's been failing at his job, his father decides to give him some help by placing the two top best as well as most annoying assassins at his side! Kazui's days of suffering begins!


To see the full image more clearly - it should be full size already but if needed click on the image for large viewing, remember to read from right-left (slide over to the right for the beginning) and enjoy!
DTB Ch.1 part 1

From the creator of Hale+Guu comes LaLaLa~!


Plot info sheet on my DA here -

My English teaser -
My Teaser RAW
my English translations for some of my favorite parts of LaLaLa ch1-3
click on the image and then on raw view to see a large version of this ^-^

i hope everyone starts reading this series X3 and liking it as much as i have - and or buys it (like i intend to) when or if it comes out. ENJOY THIS TEASER~!

the raws were provided by Japan Yahoo and YesManga and some other online Japan downloader - the raws can be found here:
here is the link to GANGAN
and on yahoo you can read ch1-2
and i found ch3 online here
since d'addicts is back - all subs will be there as long as progress info - everything should be back to normal =D

All of my completes series are:
Ranma 1/2 live action
Risou no Musuko

I will be posting Ep.1 of Ando Lloyd A.I. Knows Love? bec. I started working on it but other than that I think I will leave the rest of the episodes to the other fansub group who's working on it ^^

Unless there are so many people wanting my specific subs - then i might continue