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[sticky post] Monthly Manga Updates!

i just thought to post here just in case people don't know about this...i buy a lot of manga each month and more so if i find damages in the copies - which happens a lot =_=

But for each month i post an update on my deviantart page and it goes into my group which i created called Unknown Yet Wonderful ^-^
you can see the manga updates on either my page or my group page but the group is mainly for these updates so if you just are interested in those then check the group - otherwise i post all kinds of things on my DA page :3

My DA - http://luffynotomo.deviantart.com/
My DA Group - http://unknownyetwonderful.deviantart.com/

i also post the Asian drama updates on my DA and group as well

Asian Drama Recommendations

for those who don't know i watch quite a lot of drama CX so i decided to post about the ones i enjoyed and thought others might want to watch as well -- i placed info sheets on my Deviantart and i had made a few videos on YT about dramas -- i will leave the links here for those who want to check em out :3

mainly its K-drama but i did make one for TW drama - i'v yet to make anything for J-drama

K-drama part 1


K-drama part 2 + My Amazing Boyfriend

K-drama part 3

Good News! My YT is fixed!

All the issues that happened when the hacker changed my primary email address is now fixed up and I was able to get it back to my original email and the google chrome settings are fixed too~! Plus, I also doubled up on security this time X3

So, it looks like things are going to be alright - it was such a shock to me that someone would do this and I still don't know exactly why they did it but I'm glad I got my account back in my control again and fixed things up as best as it can be :3
I'm not sure if I will start to post things quite so soon because of all the stress this caused me but hopefully later I will gain the strength to continue to post videos that I hope are useful or at least fun ^-^

Thank you everyone who supported me~! <3
Certain technical issues seem to be happening to me on my YT channel and i'm unsure as to how active i will be on it or what may happen with my channel in general.

i don't know if once i resolve this issue if things will go back to normal or if i may lose the channel or it may end up lost in limbo @_@
i listed in detail my situation on other sites such as DA, LJ & now YT. Plus, i also wrote something about the situation in the discussion tab directly on my channel.

if something goes wrong in the process of fixing the technical issue on my channel and i can no longer do anything with it or it goes away - i'd like to thank everyone who was kind and supported me and enjoyed what i posted :3

thank you~! now, i hope to have things get resolved and not have anything go wrong but just in case something does go wrong - i decided to post something about it here & on the channel itself for future reference ^-^

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYBAbcqBdcU
i don't know what has been going on lately but people from all over have been pretty mean and negative to me ever since my youtube got hacked -- even though the hacker didn't seem to change or delete anything from my yt --- i'v just noticed this past week many negative things aimed at me and i don't know exactly why *maybe i'm just being overly emotional but i'm currently in tears while typing this*

lately i'v been flipped off on the streets for who knows why.

my yt was hacked but i don't know how or why exactly someone would hack me (& not really do anything to change or delete stuff) and then while trying get help from the yt help forum - even, one of the people responding to my detailed questions bec. i'm confused about the whole thing and how to handle it - is not being very nice or helpful ><
and to top things, i got a nasty yt comment today and i'v been getting a lot of thumbs down on my videos --- even though i got access back to my yt - things aren't the same.
a lot of people have said deviantart has drama but not compared to what's been happening to me with the yt situation!

i wish google never teamed up with yt - if they left it so no one could change the primary email associated with yt then none of this would have happened -- or if they had a better security for those people who chose not to add the extra email/phone number recovery option (like i did at the time - which is why i was able to get hacked so easily but now after gaining control i changed that so it shouldn't happen again)
for those who didn't use that option - google/yt made it too easy for someone to get in and change things which messes up the owners account & life!
even if they kept things how they were now - there should be an option to change the gmail link to youtube - i hate that i'm now stuck with that due to some hacker! and if i try to change anything now - that things might get worse @_@

sorry for the rant i just needed to vent and this was the only way i thought to do so - thanks for those who read this~!

for full screen HD quality go here https://sendvid.com/mizhbyzo then you'll see </> (this symbol) click on it and there will be a video quality list - go to the 1280x720 version

thanks for watching~! and please remember if you enjoyed this then please hit the like button on my YT for the substitute video ^-^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erySebPZx0s

I'm back from my trip

so i'm back home but a lot of things happened while i was away - it was fun but there were some not so great moments too - i ended up catching a cold and an ear ache =_= but i do have a lot of videos and pictures so i will be posting things on Youtube and Deviantart once i feel better - i haven't slept well for the past 4 days or so ><
anywho - i will start to do stuff once i get everything back to normal

for photos and videos here are the links~! Updates to them are frequent bec. i have a lot to post on
my DA folder for AU/NZ http://luffynotomo.deviantart.com/gallery/56848831/Australia-NZ-trip
my YT playlist for the short videos - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaA9BZZXWZtxqvnX-yO39cOGBjK251HsG

here is just a sample of some of the animals i saw while in Australia

Heads up everyone~! I'm going to Australia and New Zealand for 3 weeks starting October 24th~!
Sadly I will miss Halloween here but I will be visiting new places~!
My Story About My Current Issues with Getting Manga

this is a long winded rant of what i'm currently dealing with when trying to get my manga at kinokuniya - i don't want to be disrespectful but i feel as if i'm not being treated right and wanted to say this to release my stress. thank you to all who read and understand the situation.

if anyone knows of a good place to get manga then please let me know - since i buy a lot - and i don't like getting manga via mail bec. there are higher damage risks - i prefer something from a store - but i don't have much options - CD Japan might be a better way to go due to Amazon JP having such high prices for shipping but we shall see - hopefully i will find somewhere to get my monthly manga
i may try book off too just to see but i don't know yet -- the Kinokuniya online seems to be more helpful and i might order via their web store due to the cheaper coast but i'm not sure yet

i know i'm very behind on reviewing all the items i got but my story says it all for some of the reasons why i'm having issues and making videos for my items was set on hold

my stress on this issue has gone up and down. i was shocked, i cried, i couldn't eat or sleep and when i could it didn't go so well. i could only get a few hours of sleep and if i did eat - i ended up eating poor quality food or i'd over eat. i had to keep my mind distracted so much from all my depressed thoughts - i turned to watching great Korean Dramas for help - and watching things does help me feel better but i wish i could sleep with out having to wear my self out so much to the point where i can't think at all

once again thank you for reading and listing to what i have to say ^-^
i hope this never happens to anyone else bec. its a horrible thing to experience
and i hope i don't dislike anime or manga due to this issue either -- just bec. they aren't being nice to me doesn't mean i should not like the things i like