Hokusai to Meshi Sae Areba - English Subs by LuffyNoTomo

My Description:
Yamada, Bun is a shy, quite, keep to herself kinda girl but when it comes to cooking she gets really into it and is an awesome cook. She lives alone with a talking stuffed animal named Hokusai but only she can hear him speak. Bun is fine with her life as long as she has her food and Hokusai.

I just started working on English subs for this cute J-drama called Hokusai to Meshi Sae Areba - I wasn't sure what the best English translation for the title should be - here is the list of titles:
ホクサイと飯さえあれば -> Japanese title
All I Need Are Meals with Hokusai -> one originally listed on Baka-Manga Updates (the only thing I adjusted was changed from a "you" to an "I")
As Long as I Have Hokusai & Food -> the title I made when translating each word, I used a more literal translation of 'Sae Areba' & used food instead of meals for 'Meshi'
The Meal with Hokusai -> title that is listed on the manga front cover

Baka-Manga Updates link & my description
My DeviantArt link for the drama

Steps in how I work when making English subtitles:
Watch each episode once
Translate each episode
Time each episode
Double check each episode
Release each episode sub file

I will be listing below a progress report on each episode

English Subtitle Progress:
Ep.1 Done
Episode 2 - 15 min. out of 24 min. done
Episode 2 - haven't started yet (OMG they talk so fast X3 its hard to keep up when pressing the sub button)
Final Check
Episode 2 - haven't started yet

Project status:: *UPDATE* August 27th 2019
started working on ep2 again - but working on this slowly and possibly along side with Semi Otoko soft subs

I tried translating the theme songs but those are usually the hardest - sorry if anything seems off ^^
Ep.1 http://imgur.com/4ny0NZI
Jyoukyou 上京 - means capital a.k.a Tokyo - i just used the word Tokyo instead of capital
Hougaku 方角 - means direction - in this case she's referring to the angle & location of were she's drawing from
Nani ka deru 何か出る - means something appears - but usually they refer to ghosts - so i just say ghosts
Dango 団子 - means dumpling or round - he was referring to it as a dumpling but the shape is a circle (round)
E 絵 - means drawing, painting, picture or sketch - i used both: painting & drawing - depending on the situation
Masaka まさか - has many meanings, like: OMG, "you don't say" or unexpected thing (an expression of surprise)
Kei 系 - means system, group, style, related to or type of person - ex: Bijutsu-kei 美術系 - art person/major/group
Vietnam Bánh Xèo - sizzling cake or pancake
Okonomiyaki お好み焼き - pancake type food that can have various ingredients - Okonomi = how you like it and yaki = to grill
Tabeta koto wa nai 食べたことはない - this phrase means have not ate -or- taste/try it (as in food/food related)
Tsurupika Hagemaru-kun つるピカハゲ丸君 - an anime/manga character who's a miser so Hokusai is relating that to Jun-chan
Oishi-sa おいしさ - means tastiness, deliciousness, flavorsome. Grammar: word+sa[ness] - it indicates a degree or condition.
おいしい Oishii (tasty, delicious, sweet, etc.) changed to Oishi-sa when conjugated. I decided to use the word flavor because it was the best choice for the situation and the Eng. conjugation didn't fit right.
Akunuki あく抜き - means removal of astringent taste (dry, pungent or bitter flavor) by cooking it
Utsutta うつった (past tense form of Utsuru うつる) - means to spread, transfer, to be contagious. Bun kept saying meatball which then spread to Hokusai saying it - hence why I wrote "Ah, now I'm saying it"

Thank you all for being patient and waiting for my subs C:

D-Addicts Forum - here is the post where you can DL the subs via the attachment

Please do not fix or re-translate my English subs!

If you wish to translate the episodes into a different language using my English then you may do so - please just give reference that you used my subs. For example: English softsubs by LuffyNoTomo
It would be nice to know if my subs will be used for foreign language translation but if not then its ok to just give credit for using my English ^-^ Thank you~!

PLEASE DO NOT POST MY LINK ANYWHERE ELSE~! if needed - just link back to my LJ page here ^-^ thank you~!

Semi Otoko - LuffyNoTomo

this is such a cute series~! Yamada-kun is super cute - I couldn't resist the subbing - so I just finished the text for ep1 but I still have timing and the re-check before a release

I know I should probably go back to Hokusai but if possible I wanna finish this first - since its more recent and looks like no ones gonna touch Hokusai anyways - its been awhile since subbing but I think I'v got the hang of life again so I'm trying to work this stuff back in ^-^

please be patient because I'm unsure how things will work out - I'm almost debating if I should wait and release everything at once or just one at a time...

if anyone reads this - let me know what you think ^-^ thank you

UG and just as i post this - i find someone else posted subs already =_= but there was no listing on the wikisubtitles page or anything on d-addicts @_@ now i don't know what to do - plus, many places don't have the subs posted - such a dilemma~!

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